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Minutes - August 9, 2013

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Orbis/Cascade Alliance, ARIG Meeting

August 9, 2013

Pacific University


Word version


 Attendance:  Laura Zeigen (Facilitator), Michele Burke, Karen Diller (recorder), Sue Phelps, Heidi Senior


  1. On-going maintenance of group:

Group is now 4 years old and Laura has been involved as facilitator for all 4 years.  It is now time to consider questions about:

  •  leadership
  •  relationship with other organizations
  •  meetings



After a thorough discussion the following was decided:

  • Officers will be:  facilitator, past facilitator, and vice-facilitator
  • Each term of office will be for 1-year
  • Sue Phelps will be the facilitator; Laura Zeigen, past-facilitator; and Heidi Senior, vice-facilitator
  • A volunteer to take minutes will be recruited at each meeting.
  • A-RIG will investigate the MOU with ACRL-OR. It was established a couple of years ago for a specific event due to A-RIG using OLA’s MemberClicks online registration form and having OLA collect money on A-RIG’s behalf. The MOU has resulted in the requirement to have an A-RIG member be present at at least two ACRL-OR meetings per year for purposes of communicating between the groups. The A-RIG group thought this presented some restrictions to when and how A-RIG meetings were held and questioned the need to continue this arrangement. The group expressed a desire to end this MOU if it meant allowing A-RIG more freedom in when meetings occurred.
  • Meetings will be virtual or in-person but not both.  The Alliance's Google Hang-Out method will be explored as a possible platform for virtual meetings.
  • Two methods to maintain our relationship with the Alliance are:  to continue to post minutes and other information on the Wiki which is connected to the Alliance Website and to continue to provide a brief annual report to the Director of the Alliance.  This annual report will be prepared by the out-going facilitator each year.


  1. Current Projects

There are no current research projects officially involving ARIG.  However, those present noted some of the research projects in which they are involved.


  1. Future Projects

OLA Conference Session Proposal – It was decided that ARIG will pursue a proposal based on the issue of how institutions and individuals can support research projects within the workplace. We will ask ACRL to co-sponsor this program.


Other ideas to consider for the future:

  •  The shared ILS should create some opportunities for research
  •  The Alliance Council just released a 4-year strategic plan.  We should look at this.
  •  Reach out to students in library school in the region.


  1. Action Items 
  •  Annual Report to Alliance – Laura Zeigen - Done
  •  Draft of conference proposal – Karen Diller
  •  Unpassword Wiki – Laura Zeigen - Done
  •  Investigate Google Hang-out – Sue Phelps & Heidi Senior
  •  Investigate MOU with ACRL – OR – Michele Burke



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