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A-RIG - March 29, 2013 - Minutes

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Agenda for March 29, 2013 Meeting

  1. Sign in and technological kinks worked out!
    Hopefully there will not be any, but if people are having a hard time getting into the online meeting at 2, please email me (zeigenl@ohsu.edu)
  2. Welcome/Introductions
  3. Logistics – Meeting times and frequency
    1. History/Where we are at now
    2. Additional potential online meeting times between now and the August meeting.
    3. Other - The people who were unable to meet might have comments for other potential times. We thought polling interested participants in both Oregon and Washington on libs-or and the Washington equivalent, as well a ACRL-NW. Also email University of Idaho about this. This might be a way to develop additional interest. Suggestion to reintroduce the group, especially if something is going out to the Idaho or Washington listservs.  Laura will draft something and send to today's meeting participants for review.
  4. Logistics – Wiki
    1. Is this working as a way/place to put our documentation?
    2. Do we want to think about moving to Google Docs since the Alliance is now hosting our email list there?
    3. Other - Is there a benefit to moving to the Google Docs system? Laura will check with Elizabeth Duell if one needs to be an Alliance member to access Google Docs or if it is open to anyone with a Gmail account. How public is the wiki if people have to use a password to use it? We were not sure we could make items strictly public. Whatever is easiest for members makes sense. Public facing resources are important for people outside of the Alliance. Wiki, Google Docs, having a WordPress site? That would be another layer, but a place that could direct people to both of those tools. Currently we have a link to the wiki from the Alliance web site.
  5. Research Projects
    1. Currently underway - Laura reported on an ILL user experience study. Rick said there might be interest in this at OSU. Laura will go through Rick on this. Ray is doing a project, but it is not research, looking at inventory of web sites. They are doing this partially in conjunction with the shift to the new SILS. They are looking at institution front-end representations to get ideas about how to reconfigure Primo. They take a sociological perspective - change on change!


OSU is trying to facilitate a partnership with the OSU Engineering Department to help look at the library in a couple of contexts: what impact does the library have on STEM student retention? They are trying to get a graduate student to help with this. A professor is doing gap analysis work between what faculty and students expect from library and what the library provides for STEM programs.


Another project is targeting specific journals or electronic resources to document how patrons are using them. This is based on the MINES survey. If people are using a specific set of electronic journals, how they are being used, would they wait for the material through ILL or do they need it immediately, how much would they spend for this material, etc. OHSU is talking about implementing MINES as well. OSU also just got the counting opinions LibSAT/LibPAS software - this is a survey that stays live on the site and continuously gathers information about user satisfaction.


Loree (OHSU) is working with Sue Phelps from WSU-Vancouver and a librarian from University of Washington-Bothell. They are writing nursing specific information literacy standards. Once these are written they will test them out to see how effective they are. They hope to have them written by ALA this summer. The other project Loree is working on is hospital-specific. It is using the Vocera system (aka "walkie talkies") and maybe linking them up with someone in the library so clinicians could contact librarians for research assistance. There is some research on Vocera being used in academic libraries as a communication device.


How valid is the data we are gathering? It is an ongoing issue we will continue to explore. Triangulating the data and not just relying on one study can help. Provide more than one piece of evidence to support what you are trying to get across. It is hard for libraries to get specific enough to achieve "statistical significance" and probably we don't need to be. We have ways to talk about the libraries and our impacts that don't have to be in that quantitative way. Mixed methods!


    1. About to be presented or published in the near future
    2. New projects of potential interest to others on which people may want inter-institutional collaboration


  1. Other topics of interest



Instructions for Joining A-RIG Online Meeting – 2-3 p.m., Friday, March 29, 2013

1.  Please join my meeting, Friday, March 29, 2013 at 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (626) 521-0013
Access Code: 785-855-158
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
Meeting ID: 785-855-158

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